The Clothes Call Project

THE PROJECT: I will be collecting donations, and at every milestone I will use the money to buy clothing which I will then distribute to clothing donation bins and emergency shelters around Boston. Each article of clothing will have a small crest (shown in the picture) printed at the front-center. The crest is derived from heraldic symbols, and it represents dignity and protection (angel wings over a shield). MILESTONES: $375 => 25 T-Shirts $750 => 25 Long Sleeve Tees $1125 => 25 Crewneck Sweatshirts $1500 => 25 Hoodies $2500 => 100 Sweatpants Each time the balance reaches the above specified milestones, I will withdraw the money and donate the corresponding items (i.e. when the collected total is $750, I will donate 25 long sleeve tees). By the end of the campaign, there will be 225 donated articles of clothing for $11 each. Donations past $2500 will either be donated directly to various charities or used for another mini service project if there are enough funds. MY CONTRIBUTION: For those of you who added it up and realized that it actually isn't 225 articles of clothing, good catch, but I wasn't lying. At each milestone I will also buy and donate 4 pairs of socks and a pair of sneakers on top of the items already listed using my own money. WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: First, we’ll need to reach these milestones, so I ask that you donate as much as you are willing to. More importantly, I need you guys to share this campaign and remind more people that a small donation can make a world of a difference for someone else. MORE INFORMATION: If you want more information go to the Facebook page ( I will be giving updates on the page, so make sure to Like if you want to track my progress.

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