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WHAT IS SER? We are SER Houston - a non-profit organization that looks to enhance the quality of life in the Hispanic Community by providing education, training, and employment services that empower individuals, businesses, and communities. WHY WE NEED YOU! We work with many individuals who have spent time in prison. Our job is to educate and empower their lives after prison. Our job training requires transportation for many of these individuals. With that said, we need your help to fund the purchase of a van to transport our young people to and from their job sites for on the job training. With this van, we are one step closer to transforming lives - lives like Rolando's.... ROLANDO'S NEW DEAL Rolando, 23 (pictured), came to SER after spending nearly five years in the juvenile and adult justice systems for manufacturing and selling drugs. Rolando grew up in Gulfton with a single mother and three sisters. As a kid, he dreamed of being a drug lord. His father was a gang member with MS-13, a notorious gang from El Salvador. At 11, Rolando started running errands for MS-13. By the age of 13, he joined the gang and started selling drugs. He dropped out of school in the 8th grade. Not long after, he was arrested for gang violence and sent to juvenile detention for 18 months. After being released with no real family support system, Rolando went on the run and back to manufacturing and selling drugs. He was arrested again at 19. While in prison, he met inmates who had been in jail for decades. They encouraged him to move forward with his life and not end up like them. Their words resonated. Following his incarceration, Rolando had an epiphany about his life and who he wanted to be. He walked in the the first church he saw and the members began praying for him. He shares that he had this amazing feeling of peace in him. For the first time he felt fulfilled and could feel his inner child, though he never had a real childhood, start to heal. That's when he found SER. That was four months ago - since then, he's given up everything, including gangs, drugs, dealing. Today, Rolando is a YouthBuild member working on obtaining his GED, his NCCER construction skill certifications and is passionate about "hooping". He relies on his support system at his church and at SER. He shares how humbling it is to go from having money and a nice car to riding the bus. He still feels the pressure to go back but sees how God has put a lot of positive people around him who actually care about him. He never realized what true care was about before now. Rolando now dreams about being a missionary and "dealing in bibles" by distributing them in parts of the world where they're not allowed. PLEASE HELP MORE PEOPLE LIKE RONALDO IMPROVE AND EMPOWER THEIR LIVES! HELP US BY SHARING OR DONATING TODAY!

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