Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read about my campaign. My name is Alexander Carrasco, I'm a man of many different hats: soldier for the US ARMY, husband to my wife Kemberly Carrasco, and now business owner of Eagle Eye Homes, LLC. I'm running a campaign to raise funds for my real estate company Eagle Eye Homes. We need funds because like any other business expenses can start to get costly. We are your unconventional real estate investors specializing in helping distressed home owners get out of their home situation. There can be a number of reasons why people would need us from going through a divorce to not being able to keep their mortgage current. We come in by helping them negotiate short sales through the bank so they won't have to foreclose or by buying their property in cash with the help from our investors. I love helping home owners get out of sticky situations, and I love being a soldier, but I can't help our local real estate market if I'm being a soldier from 5am-6pm. I want to continue helping our local real estate market full time and the money would be used towards daily operations when I'm out of the military by July 2017. I want to pay back every penny from transactions that we will complete once we have enough funds to continue to operate. I have a vision and a man with out a vision is a man with out a life. I greatly appreciate your time to read about my campaign and for any other information my contact info is: 
M: 910.729.7069

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