2017 LDZ Hispanic Youth Fund

Annually, hundreds of students from across the Americas with top grades, leadership potential, and interest in working in their community as an impact player gain admission to the National Hispanic Institute summer leadership academy. Top sophomores are invited to become delegates at one of six Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session (LDZ), a world class learning experience that prepares youth for the rigors of organizational culture and protocol through an eight-day game. For over 30 years, thousands of leaders have benefited from the LDZ experience. University partners invest in at least one third of the total costs, NHI and its partners invest another third. The final tuition is the challenge of the student and their family. Oftentimes, some students have a tougher time seeking sponsors or community investors. The NHI Hispanic Youth Fund is designed to play a vital role in the lives of future leaders who need a boost marshaling the resources to underwrite their advanced learning. Consider making a contribution of even $25.00 that will be a partial investment in the development and growth in one of our community's top minds. For more information on the National Hispanic Institute, please visit http://www.nationalhispanicinstitute.org or call (512) 357-6137.

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