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Hello, my name is Patsey Patton . I'm 64 years old and I want to open a home daycare. I have a stronge love for children and have worked with children for about 25 years. My desire is to keep children that live in single parent homes. My daycare will be open mostly to single parent that have to work night. I want to give them a home cooked meal along with interacting with them. The money will be used to close in my car porch , buy needed supplies and add playground. I would like all the money by the end of May 2017 so that I can be ready to start keeping children beginning 2017 school year. This have always been a dream of mine and I will forever be thankful if whoever would donate whatever the Lord bless them with. If this take place or should I say when this take place I will give back to the community by funding uniforms and school supplies to kids that are in need. I will forever be thankful . May God bless and keep your is my prayer

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