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I am asking you to please be part of making a dream a reality of having my business without financial partners. I started a Gofundme Campaign with little results and I came across FundLatinos and thought I would give it a try. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

I have  been in the restaurant business for 37 years, this is what I know how to do. I have cofounded and been an operating owner of restaurants in the Dallas area with a long list of accolades, awards and the love of my community involvement as I always gave in the form of sponsorships, scholarships, fundraisers etc. I would like to do this once again.

 I understand  the importance of having adequate funding to  build  and operate and sustain a business in its infancy.

 We have started a catering business called Seasoned Creations A Catering Company, we already have set up the website, accept credit cards, have insurance and have catered a few events with great reviews. We need funding to accelerate the business as social media is not sufficient.

The funding will be used to purchase some catering equipment,  pay advance rent in a location, advertising, marketing, funds for payroll and operating expenses. 

I would advertise in a local popular publication that I found very effective when I owned Luna de Noche called Living Magazine. It is the last cover I ever did and the photographer that day took pictures of me with Alisandra. Of course, most do not know how she died and I will touch on that briefly as it is what took two years of my life to work on a bill that was passed. I will touch on a bit of my past success and this new chapter. There is a deadline for the Dec. Issue.

The place I will secure has a comfortable area for tastings, consultations, and an area to have cooking classes or make videos.

Our staff will be certified food handlers contracted as a need to basis.

The professional certified kitchen we have chosen as our production kitchen is in Plano with easy access to all areas and downtown for corporate meetings and the demographics are great for people who use caterers.

I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

There are not enough words to express what this would mean to my family to be independent of financial partners and realize a dream.

It only takes a little bit from a lot of people to make this a reality. 
All amounts count. 

Please help even if it is to share this and ask your friends to share this as well. It can be done by the power of people making a genuine true effort.
Thank you,

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