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Hello my name is margo Hunter.i recently lost my mother inlaw due to cancer.her name is Annie Mae Tucker.she had no insurance her family has nothing to offer the funeral home for a proper Homegoing service.i know that its christmas soon approaching.im not asking for the whole thing maybe just enough just to have her body cremated.but im not sure the exact price of it but the family of the deceased and myself will truely appreciate it.to bury a mother thankyou all god bless as even more whom can be a blessing for the Tucker and Hunter Family...if we cant raise any money their will be no Homegoing service for the late great Annie Mae Tucker.My Name is Marco Hunter were not worried about a repast only a decent service for a nice person god be the glory to all.....emary of your campaign. Successful campaigns clearly explain: - Who you are and what you're raising money for - Why this cause means so much to you - How the funds will be used - How soon you need the funds - How thankful you'll be

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