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My name is Esmeralda L. and I have high hopes for a better future not only for my self but especially, my younger sister Connie. We come from a single parent home and though we have had some rough patches growing up, we both strive to have a brighter future. My sister got accepted into a Huston college to follow both my father in law and boyfriends foot steps since they have both made a deep impact in our lives. My sister has the biggest heart and thrives to meet her goals, even if that means moving 8 hours away from the only family she has. So I ask is for a little help to make her dreams come true. Her school is helping her with finding an appartment, a job, and with her school needs. We're just a little short on getting her set up the first couple of months in her appartment and transportation seeing my car is not dependable. We would love the opportunity to thrive for a brighter future. So we may give back to those who have given for us. Thank you

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