Road To Recovery

Road To Recovery

Ivan Ramirez was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on December 23, 2016. As a result of the accident he incurred head trauma (brain hemorrhaging). He also suffered fractured of the sacrum, ischium, various vertebraes in his back, and fractured vertebraes in hi$ neckas well. He h been in the hspital a total of 20-days. The hospital will be releasing him any day now, and he is homeless and not to mention he will be requiring physical therapy, and occupational therapy in order to function properly as he remembers from time to time. He doesn't remember alot. He has to be reminded daily of his avvident and where he is, along with the date. His road to recovery will not be possible without insurance or money to pay for the services. He has no family here in the United States Of America. His girlfriend has been by his side every da and is determined to help him through all obstacles. She has tried to get assistance or funding for his treatment plan. It was a hit and run acciden. No witnesses. His car spun out and unfortunately the ending result was he hit a tree. Needless to say he was hurt badly. He's going therapy 3 times a week. He has no place to go upon his release. It has been barrier after barrier. I will not give up hope or faith. Since he is undocumented many are telling me that they can't do a thng. Therefore, I am having to seek elsewhere for other medical bills and therapy. A place to live, food, bills, and any other expenses that he may incur along the way. He was blessed to not have lost his life.

Ivan is a very kind, loving, thoughtful person whom loves life. He & I will greatly appreciate it, bcuz we are normally helping others and now we need help. He will need funds a.s.a.p., And our families will ever be so grateful. Without any help his recovery will be impossible, .because he is not able to work due to the nature of his injuries. He will need help in everything he does on a daily basis til he learns how to use the right side of his body.He wil need funding upon his discharge from the hospital and throughout the duration of his therapy in order to recovery. He is having to learn how to use the right side of his nody all over, not to mention he has to learn to walk again.

Thank all who take the time and effort out to care enough to bless Ivan notof your campaign. Successful campaigns clearly explain: - Who you are and what you're raising money for - Why this cause means so much to you - How the funds will be used - How soon you need the funds - How thankful you'll be

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