3D Printing using a Mobile van for STEAM/STEM

BUILD*A*HERO is a 3D Printing service run by two military veterans with a disability receiving help from two nine year girls in 3D printing items. We are in the market to lend our services to underprivileged kids in the new technology by using a mobile van to reach the kids with 3D Printing Projects. We have our 3D Printing Lab in my basement with two MakerBot Printers and a Digitizer Scanner with an inventory of PLA filaments in various colors. We have a ProtoCycler coming from Canada that will recycle the excess or rejected plastic prints to save money. The cost of $30 to $50 for a spool to $5 a spool of the same size. We would love to receive help with our goals or mission.

Very Respectfully,

Wilberto Flores CEO BUILD*A*HERO

100% VA Disabled US Navy Veteran.

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