Small business maintenance repair

Name name is Jason I've got a small maintenance business I started a couple months ago I'm just trying to get another truck this one's on its last legs I can't really afford another car note, yes sometimes you have to put your pride aside and ask for help and there's nothing wrong with that you know the Lord died on the cross for our sins for my sins so if I can't get on here and try to ask for a little help on getting another vehicle then you know I'm thinking that I might be better than the Lord and I'm not thanks for reading and watching God bless I hope to get one of those vans so I can put all my tools in it and not worry about somebody stealing them I'm good at what I do im fast and efficient I just started doing work for some big clients so all my money is going back into the business and I can't afford to get something else I help a lot of guys out with work to get them off the streets,and out off the rehabs and now I'm just asking for a little help myself

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Jason Baxter

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