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Figueras — Donate to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Four years ago, blogger and digital influencer Jewel Figueras was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Since the surgery and subsequent…READ MORE

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Goal: $10,000

In Loving Memory of my Mommy Xochitl Sandoval

Hello, my name is Itzel and I am 14 years old. This morning God called my mommy Xochitl Sandoval back home. With tearful eyes we watched her leave. As much as I want my mom here by my side I know God needed her back home. I never thought I would be making Funeral arrangements for my beautiful loving mommy. Its the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I decied to make a GoFundMe Fund page to help my dad. Any donations are appriciated. Read More

Goal: $7,000

Medical Fund /Fondo Medico para Sibyl Perret-Gentil

Nuestra amiga Sibyl Perret-Gentil de Vida como Mamá y Orlando's Moms Club sufrió un derrame cerebral. Gracias a Dios después de exámenes se determinó que no quedaron secuelas a nivel cerebral y ya podrá entrar a un proceso de recuperación en base a terapia física pues quedó paralizada de un lado completo del cuerpo.Necesita ayuda financiera para cubrir estos gastos mientras regresa a su trabajo.Sibyl es madre soltera que llegó de Venezuela  hace sólo un año y no tiene familiares en este pais.Gracias por su ayuda. ENGLISH:Our friend Sibyl Perret-Gentil of "Vida como Mamá" and Orlando's Moms Club suffered a stroke. Thank God after exams it was determined that there were no consequences to the brain and she can enter a recovery process based on physical therapy since the right side of her body was paralyzed. Sibyl needs financial help to cover these expenses while she returns to work.She is a single mother who came from Venezuela only a year ago and has no relatives in this country. Thanks for your help. Read More

Goal: $50,000

Building Opportunity and The American Dream

BUILDING OPPORTUNITY AND THE AMERICAN DREAM El Sol, a publically chartered School, is one of the top schools in California and the nation. It provides a quality education to nearly 1,000 low income, mostly Latino, children, many of whom are immigrants. Its academic achievements are recognized by the state of California, by the White House, by respected “think tanks, “by business and community leaders, and by education reform groups. El Sol has nearly 1000 children on its waiting list, a wonderful testimony to the School’s excellence and reflected in one mother’s recent comment, “El Sol has given my kids a chance at success in life…Without El Sol, they would have few opportunities. For my husband and me, El Sol is a blessing and a dream come true. Our children will live better lives and have more good choices than we had and now have…” EL SOL NEEDS YOUR HELP! Planning and design has been completed to build -out the 2.8 acre El Sol site or Phase Two. Two classroom buildings will be constructed providing 26 - 28 classrooms. They will replace the old, deteriorating, overcrowded modular buildings. In addition, a multipurpose building will be developed, providing now absent space for student clubs, community events, and teacher meetings. The State has allocated up to $25 million to El Sol develop Phase Two; half of the allocation will be a grant and half will be a loan at a low interest rate. The El Sol Foundation’s must raise $3.5 million to access needed state support. Donors have provided nearly $ 1 million dollars to date. But each day that passes brings El Sol closer to the deadline. We hope you will consider a significant gift. “The return on your investment” will be real and measurable. You will provide a window to the American Dream for many generations of low income students at El Sol and, because El Sol is a model for other schools, generations of low income students throughout the nation in public and charter schools. If we meet the November target, every dollar you provide will be matched by over 7 dollars in state funds and will enable El Sol to finish development of the site. Please help. For more information on El Sol capital needs, please go to El Sol and press Brochure Read More

Goal: $40,000


Ella es Amanda Contreras, mi hermana! En agosto pasado fue dignosticada con cancer de higado, desde ese momento ha sido un sufrimiento devastador para ella, pues los dolores son muy fuertes y estan constantes.Hasta el 12 de diciembre ella residia en New york, pero a raiz del deterioro de su salud y porque era su deseo, viajo hacia El Salvador, los doctores en USA no dieron esperanzas de vida para ella, pero nos hemos informado que en Mexico, en el estado de Tijuana hay un hospital llamado Oasis of Hope!! donde nos ofrecen un tratamiento para ella y nos aseguran que aun hay un soplo de vida para nuestra querida Amanda, es por esta razon que acudimos a ustedes, desesperados por salvar la vida de Amanda, ya que el tiempo es oro!!El tratamiento que nos ofrecen para ella en ese hospital esta valorado en $40.000, cantidad que se nos hace muy dificil poder reunirlo solo entre familiares.Agradecerles de antemano por su bondad hacia nuestra hermana Amanda, que Dios les bendiga y les multiplique todo lo que con el corazon dan.en las fotos podemos apreciar a Amanda antes de agosto 2016 y hoy 01/03/17 Read More

Goal: $20,000

68 Years Married Parents - dies 7 days apart

I'm the 3rd child and the Jr. to Al and Ozzie MeltonMy Goal is to raise funds for my parents Hospital bills, Funeral Plans and Grave site for them to remain close to each other after 68 years of marriage. My Mother died on January 1, 2017 and my Father Died 6 Days after she past away with a broken heart.This was very unexpected and the two did not have insurance to cover the Two Funeral Cost.It is very critical that we raise the funds by January 11, 2017 to help cover the burial cost.My family and I thank you in advance for any amount of Donation that you make. Read More

Goal: $5,000

Esperanza Immigration Legal Services

At Esperanza, we are committed to supporting the needs of immigrants. Today, more than ever before, the community we serve is frightened of what the future might hold for them and their families. Our immigration system is broken, our community suffers from tremendous educational inequality and a huge disparity in wealth. This is an opportune time to examine the causes of systemic injustices, and to work together to identify concrete, actionable solutions. It is our responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable to our needs, and we can do so by continuing to raise the issues, engage in civil discourse and direct philanthropic investments towards these goals.In the wake of the presidential election, immigrants across the country—including many of our neighbors—are living in fear of what expected policy changes will mean for them and their families. There is serious talk about revoking the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, putting more than 725,000 “Dreamers” at risk of deportation. Esperanza Immigration Legal Services (EILS) is ready to meet the urgent needs of North Philadelphia’s immigrant community. On November 16 & 22, our team will offer two emergency legal clinics targeted to participants in the DACA program. In the coming weeks, we will announce additional initiatives to help our clients respond to immigration law changes.Now, more than ever, we need your support to assist some of Philadelphia’s most vulnerable residents. Over the next three weeks, we hope to raise $5,000 in grassroots donations to fund our DACA clinics, educational workshops, and legal services. Your gift will make a real, tangible impact:      $50 provides study aids for two citizenship class students $100 pays for a bilingual workshop, educating up to 100 immigrants on their rights and potential changes to immigration law $300 enables one immigrant to file a naturalization application to become a U.S. citizen $1,000 covers legal representation for an unaccompanied child in deportation proceedings Please partner with EILS to ensure that our immigrant neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family have the information they need to handle the coming policy changes with confidence. Together, we have the power to help the thousands of hardworking people who have come to Philadelphia in search of a brighter future.Thank you for your gift!Our Model:We provide low-cost legal services to low-income immigrants and their families, including self-petitions for victims of domestic violence, special visas for unaccompanied minors, green card applications, family petitions and naturalization applications. We also offer workshops in English and Spanish to help immigrant families thrive in the U.S., on topics such as financial literacy, debunking common immigration myths, and preparation for emergency situations.  We also conduct citizenship classes to prepare eligible candidates for the citizenship exam.We host “Citizenship Day” once a year, convening a group of lawyers to offer their services pro bono to immigrants from the community. What we have achieved:Since its founding, EILS has provided legal services to more than 800 low-income immigrants.  We have also served over 1,500 immigrants in educational workshops. In that time we have helped naturalize 180 new American citizens!Your gift today will help to alleviate the fears of immigrant families struggling in our community. Together we are strong and able to offer generous support to these hardworking people hopeful for a better and bright future. See our article in El Sol Latino HERE! Read More
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Meet our partner BeVisible Latinx, a new online career platform. BeVisible was recently selected within the Top 50 Most Innovative Startups by G-Startup which is why we think you should know about them! They are a community and a movement seeking to improve the way in which Latinxs communicate and grow professionally and personally online. Join them today to connect with fellow Latinxs across the country, build your dreams, find job opportunities, and share advice. Rise together at

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Latinos and Philanthropy - A Community That Works Together Stays Together

There is a saying in the Latino community that “charity starts at home.” Giving and being involved in philanthropic causes is a natural part of the Latinos’ cultural DNA. There are fourteen cultural markers that define Latino culture, including familismo, which describes the way we view and relate to blood relatives, extended family members and friends. This sense of collectivism and spirituality drives our desire to help. READ MORE