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Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for a start-up or additional investment required to grow your business, and it is easier than you think. Here is how you can get your campaign up and running in under two minutes on FundLatinos:

Business Campaigns

Goal: $2,500

Latinarrific Storytelling

LATINARRIFIC STORYTELLING Share Your Inspirational Story in the Latinarrific Mobile AppShare your inspirational or success story on the new Latinarrific mobile app – a transformational video platform for the 26 million bicultural Latinas in the USA. We are producing a highlight reel for Latinas, by Latinas. Be the protagonist of your own story! Help us launch our mobile platform and segments of your video could appear on our website, social media channels and new app!The stories on the Latinarrific mobile app will examine our journeys and struggles, ultimately discovering what makes Latinas successful today. In recognition of your contribution you will receive:$20 – A thank you Shout out on our social networks$50 – A film credit on the highlight reel using one of your social media handles plus previous benefits$100 – Latinarrific T-shirt or mug (your choice) plus previous benefits$500 – Two :30 minute sessions on line with Life Coach plus previous benefits$1,000 – Guaranteed feature on highlight reel plus previous benefits $2,500 – Sponsorship Naming Rights of Highlight Reel plus all the aboveMore than $2,500 - Please reach out to us and let's create a partnership.*(Latinarrific reserves the right to edit at its discretion any video submitted as well as reject any video submission) About LATINARRIFIC!™ Latinarrific is an inspirational and transformational entertainment platform created to capture the hearts and minds of the 26 million Latinas in the United States, and those who honor and support them. Latinarrific's relationships with brands and media companies will build an exceptional Latina-focused community, a premier point to connect with other Latinas effectively. Engage Latinarrific women today on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Join us! Read More

Goal: $0


Goal: $1,300,000

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

I am venturing to open a Vegan, more Healthful Cinnamon Roll shop strategically located next to a Trader Joe's. Our concept is an innovative, socially conscious bakery dedicated to serving 100% Gourmet, Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with over 50 various frosting's and toppings. It has always been my passion and heart to create a business that is Socially Conscious and that in fact gives back and treats Employee's like Family. The long term goal is to open several strategically located stores and to grow and promote from within; to support and to pay my employee's a generous living wage, while at the same time being conscious of the various social needs that affect, the most vulnerable and needy among us, such as Meals on Wheels, Struggling Single Parent Household's, the Homeless, Animals and Immigrant Families.As Owner, I desire to create a truly unique experience with each visit into our shop ! We are a Gourmet Bakery that lets consumers customize a cinnamon roll with a variety of different frosting's and toppings Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Cholesterol-Free, baked goods and toppings that are 100% Vegan, which will in fact be a great option for people with dietary restrictions based on lifestyle choices or allergies. Non-vegans love the taste and lower calories because of the fact that the product offerings will be 100% vegan – dairy free and egg free. We will enjoy high margins, along with low cost of goods. Our existing competitor known as Cinnabon has already proved that this particular industry enjoys strong sales performance. We will offer easy preparation and production of product, that will feature a very small carbon footprint and an efficient store front that will optimize service and speed. Our goal is to be open seven days a week from 8::00 am to 9:00 pm, we desire to expand into catering and also to create special Cinnamon Roll Bouquets for events such as Valentine's Day, Birthday's and Office Party's. Read More


Enter Your Details

The details are the foundation of your campaign. Determine how much money you want to raise for your start-up or growing business and by what date. Leave enough time for people to learn about your campaign and donate, but not so much time that they forget. Come up with a compelling title that is specific to you as an entrepreneur and to your new business. If you have an existing business that you are trying to grow, make sure the title is specific to what you want to do. For example: New Stove to Grow My Catering Business. You can always go back and edit this later. A good title is actionable and gives visitors an idea of why you are raising money. The title introduces visitors to your campaign so explain why your cause is important and give people a reason to learn more.

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Select Your Video or Images

An outstanding visual helps enhance a campaign and can give visitors a better idea of the cause. Videos and images of your products and your company will give a face to a campaign which will make people feel more connected to your cause. Pictures of people who are creating the products (you and/or your employees) and of happy customers are also important.

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Tell Your Story

Write a description for your business that tells potential donors why you are raising money and how you will use the funds. Be honest and genuine about your campaign and why it is important to raise money. The more details you can give visitors about yourself as an entrepreneur and your business, the more personal and authentic a campaign becomes. When that happens, people begin to feel connected to a cause and are much more likely to donate.

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Create A WePay Account

WePay is our trusted payment processing provider. They ensure that all donations are processed securely and that you can have immediate access to your funds. Creating a WePay account through FundLatinos takes seconds and makes collecting and receiving money a cinch. When someone wants to donate to your new business campaign, WePay will securely collect your donor’s information, receive the funds and transfer them to your bank account.

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Share Your Campaign

Sharing is the most important part of any successful business campaign. Share your campaign on social media and through email to build awareness and tell your story. Make sure you contact all the people in your network who are passionate about or have a special connection to start-ups, entrepreneurship and your specific type of business. Don’t be nervous about reaching out to family and friends as those nearest to you are going to be your biggest supporters. Encourage your network to donate and share your campaign with their networks. The more you share and provide updates about your business campaign, the more donations you will receive.

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Collect Any Money You Raise

Unlike some crowdfunding sites, FundLatinos doesn’t penalize you if you don’t reach your campaign goal. Collect the money you have raised from WePay at any time during your campaign.

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