Keep Free Cultural Programs Alive!

What's going on:

In Latino communities and schools, arts and culture programs are underfunded and often inaccessible.

Latino cultural outreach programs for the Latino community are virtually absent.

You can help change that.


We're raising funds so students and the Latino community have FREE access to year-round film screenings produced, directed and starred by Latino actors and actresses from various cultures.

We want to keep these free to the public, but we need your tax-deductible contribution to do so.

These programs celebrate different Latino cultures, self-expression, creativity, and offer a positive way in which Latinos connect their identities, experiences and become inspired.

Cultural Programs we need you to help keep alive:

1. Free Matinee Outreach Program for Students:

The program provides more than 4,000 Chicago area students (primarily from public schools) an opportunity to attend daytime film screenings and view films that are otherwise inaccessible. Students engage in post-screening chats with the directors and see Latinos in more positive roles than those often portrayed in commercial films.

For non-Latino students, this program offers an opportunity to learn about other cultures and the creative process of filmmaking. Throughout the years, this program has served more than 80,000 students!

2. Film in the Park:

This summer program screens seven to eight films in inner city parks throughout Chicago. Films selected are suitable for the entire family and approximately 4,000 people attend throughout the summer.

Film in the Park brings cultural programs to communities that would otherwise not have access to such cultural experiences. This program has served over 40,000 people so far!

Why do these Cultural Programs matter?

Here are three reasons:

1. These programs break stereotypes about Latinos and foster positive self-image.
2. They empower economically disadvantaged individuals.
3. They provide cultural programming to communities that would otherwise not have access to cultural programs.

The Impact of Your Contribution:

1. Your contribution will ensure these cultural experiences remain FREE for the community.
2. You will help us engage as many students as possible in learning about Latino culture via the power of film.
3. With your generous donation, you will bring the stories of the Latino experience to different communities in Chicago in need of cultural programs.

How grateful we will be:

Tons! Your contribution will make it possible for us to fulfill our mission of sharing Latino culture within the communities that otherwise do not have the financial means to take part in cultural programs.

Help fight against negative stereotypes about Latinos.

And help us shed light on the beauty of various Latino cultures, and the creative contributions made by Latinos.

Who we are:

The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago ( is a Pan-Latino, 501(c)(3) nonprofit multidisciplinary arts and cultural organization dedicated to developing, promoting and increasing awareness of Latino cultures among Latinos and other communities.

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