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GET BEAUTY SCHOOLED: HELPING LATINO BEAUTY SCHOOL STUDENTS ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS OUR PURPOSE We believe in educating future leaders committed to improving the lives of our communities. A TRILLION REASONS TO SUPPORT US We serve students across the nation inner-cities. The focus of "Get Beauty Schooled " is excellent student attendance (99%) and participation in our leadership program, which helps to ensure that real life career skills of our students and others interested in attending our program are met. We provide students with secondary education to enhance their academic skills and vocational occupation providing an overview to a trade and career in the beauty industry through the mentoring of industry leaders expertise and skills. Graduating career ready in order to compete and be productive members in a free market capitalistic society. This is a collaborative effort between school, family and community. VALUE PROPOSITION The goal of Get Beauty Schooled is to enhance the power, performance and perception of the professional beauty community. Our leadership program provides opportunities to explore talents and develop business skills in which students can both utilize their talents and interests for use to participate more fully in life and in their communities. Our Approach: Scholarships for participating will be available for successful applicants who attain a 3.0 or higher GPA. Participation in the Get Beauty Schooled includes near perfect attendance, career and technical occupational instructional leadership classes to prepare for a vocation in the beauty industry as well as college. Millions of students can’t afford the tuition for college. It’s estimated that between 2006 and 2016, nearly 4.5 million students won’t pursue college degrees because their families can’t afford the high costs of higher education. We hope to increase the number of vocational- tech-and beauty school ready students and provide them the knowledge to succeed with and in a trade and career in the beauty industry through advanced education. THE NEED Low-income students and minorities are particularly hard hit. Only one in 10 low-income students can expect to graduate from college. And disproportionately fewer students earn high school diploma. This is not due to a lack of talent but instead to the high costs of tuition and to the fact that many graduate high school without the skills they need to succeed in work, life and the community. They also lack guidance on how to choose a career, apply for admission, and fill out financial aid forms. Thousands of low-income, minority students are highly motivated and ready to succeed in work and life. We develop leadership programs in schools designed to help both the low-income student and all others get ready to graduate and be career ready t0 succeed in—our communities. Target market high school students, cosmetology schools, business owners, freelance specialized work and CE units in states for licensed educators where applicable and universities. High School drop outs will be encouraged back to complete high school through participating in our program and graduate from high school, develop there talents through the mentoring and leadership classes; as it familiarizes and educates of a trade and career in the beauty industry. Students who wish to participate in "Get Beauty Schooled" may apply for scholarship that if awarded can help cover costs of tuition for beauty school or for advanced education in business upon successfully completing the pilot program for licensure. NETWORK Interested newcomers and secondary students to the industry, training that provides technical vocation opportunities for early training, charter schools and career days. Local salon and spas, mentors, motivational speakers, leadership educators and our collaborators for the pilot program. How are we going to know if we are successful - How we evaluate-will include interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and surveys, onsite observations, and periodic review of program records/documentation. Additionally, we survey after course completion, request testimonials from schools, and welcome comments from participants. Our goal is to engage communities to see the salon and spa professional and business owners, as a viable career and profession which contributes to meeting growing needs of the communities we serve, as well as the needs and demands of growing demographics in the United States. In the U.S., one in ten businesses is owned by a minority. Which are the number one small business owner in the United States of America today. IMPACT To Alter Lives Begins with Knowledge Power Knowledge is the first step towards self fulfillment to succeed in life and our communities.

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