Building Opportunity and The American Dream

BUILDING OPPORTUNITY AND THE AMERICAN DREAM El Sol, a publically chartered School, is one of the top schools in California and the nation. It provides a quality education to nearly 1,000 low income, mostly Latino, children, many of whom are immigrants. Its academic achievements are recognized by the state of California, by the White House, by respected “think tanks, “by business and community leaders, and by education reform groups. El Sol has nearly 1000 children on its waiting list, a wonderful testimony to the School’s excellence and reflected in one mother’s recent comment, “El Sol has given my kids a chance at success in life…Without El Sol, they would have few opportunities. For my husband and me, El Sol is a blessing and a dream come true. Our children will live better lives and have more good choices than we had and now have…” EL SOL NEEDS YOUR HELP! Planning and design has been completed to build -out the 2.8 acre El Sol site or Phase Two. Two classroom buildings will be constructed providing 26 - 28 classrooms. They will replace the old, deteriorating, overcrowded modular buildings. In addition, a multipurpose building will be developed, providing now absent space for student clubs, community events, and teacher meetings. The State has allocated up to $25 million to El Sol develop Phase Two; half of the allocation will be a grant and half will be a loan at a low interest rate. The El Sol Foundation’s must raise $3.5 million to access needed state support. Donors have provided nearly $ 1 million dollars to date. But each day that passes brings El Sol closer to the deadline. We hope you will consider a significant gift. “The return on your investment” will be real and measurable. You will provide a window to the American Dream for many generations of low income students at El Sol and, because El Sol is a model for other schools, generations of low income students throughout the nation in public and charter schools. If we meet the November target, every dollar you provide will be matched by over 7 dollars in state funds and will enable El Sol to finish development of the site. Please help. For more information on El Sol capital needs, please go to El Sol and press Brochure

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