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Hi I am Yoshica Shigg. I have been trying to adopt a bi-racial child i met years ago but he has been stuck in the system. He has been in the foster care system for 12 years. He has not been given the opportunity for adoption. I have pleaded & jumped through every obstacle imaginable. I became a licensed foster parent at the request of his former caseworker. She lost so much paperwork through the process and inspite of my request to not tell him about the adoption we were working on she chose to tell him anyway. Disappointing him beyond measure when it did not go through on both occasions. The interstate compact agreement adoption process has been a treacherous road for us. This year a representative of the state of AZ said they would allow me to adopt AZ children but due to his out of state therapist writing hes mote suitable for institutional setting vs family we were denied.

Now I can just play a role as mentor when I want nothing more than to be his mom. I feel his issues are normal considering what he has been through & would take him to individual & family therapy.

The good news is - he has a NEW case worker & he assured me if I move to Texas he could place the child with me the I could adopt him.

All he's ever wanted is a family & not to live in an institution.

Your contribution will allow me to move there and set up residence. The adoption cost are minimal or free. I can assure you this child will be loved, encouraged & provided for when I am able to move to Texas

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