Food Blog of plant base meals w Latin flavors

I want to create a food blog of plant base cuisine with Latin flavors. I have been a vegetarian for over a decade and I always combine the two flavors when cooking, a plant base meal with a Latin twist, so delicious! 

My cuisine it is not quite understood in the Latin community. I get bombarded with lots of questions, from what I eat to how I cook my meals? This is the reason I want to create a platform where I can share recipes, how to?, favorite cook books, bring experts and recommend products as well as restaurants that offer a plant based meals within our communities.

The blog will provide a full day of recipes, such as: breakfast, lunch and dinner every week thru videos with text on how to?. The primary target audience will be the Latin community. It will be a bi-lingual site with interchangeable text from English to Spanish language to facilitate the traffic of multicultural groups by making our recipes accessible to all.  

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