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Stand with children in conflict around the world

Update 12/14/2016: The situation in Aleppo is grim. But in the past 48 hours things have worsened. Children and families have been slaughtered in their own homes. Some 50,000 people are in acute need of evacuation. Now more than ever we must show our support and stand with the children who need it most. A staggering 65 million people around the globe have been forced from their homes.

Shockingly, about half are children — the crisis’ most vulnerable victims. Last year, nearly 100,000 child refugees were separated from their parents, forced to make their journeys —often terribly dangerous — alone.

They’re running from conflict, poverty and deprivation. In more than a dozen countries — including Syria, Iraq, Yemen and the South Sudan — they’re escaping the horrors of war. Many don’t know when, if ever, they might get a chance to return to their educations, their homes, their families.

I just wanna better the world let get together anything would help please and thank you

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