No to Gangs, Yes to STEM!

I'm a middle school teacher in South Central L.A., a community I have served for over 20 years. Every day, my students have to overcome challenges that few would believe.

The photos in this campaign are places my students have to traverse each day to get to a place called school. If they manage to make it past the crime, poverty, and violence that plagues this community, there is the lack of opportunities, especially in the STEM field due to budgets that can't afford modern technology or science equipment.

Your generous funds would be used to get students out into the field to experience nature while studying the environment and to do scientific investigations of different habitats. These field trips would inspire students to stay the course in school, say no to gangs and yes to school, STEM, and maybe even college.

There are no words to describe how grateful I would be if someone could support this endeavor. We need these funds by March 1, 2017 so we can use them this school year with students.


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