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Help a child improve their reading by participating in our "REACH" after school program. We help children in grades K-5 by matching them with an individual Mentor who helps them practice their reading, complete their homework and gain confidence. Results from the 2016 school year show that students in our program are: 100% more confident 94% improved their reading level 91% passed their grade 44% are now reading at grade level (vs. 9% at start of year) Children receive an average of 20 hours of one-on-one attention and help with reading. FREE to children and families, but the cost is about $500 per child in materials and resources. There are 72 children ready to start the 2016-2017 school year, please help! Mentor Me - North Georgia, Inc. was established as a non-profit organization by the Leadership Forsyth class of 2002. Originally a branch of Big Brothers Big Sisters Northwest Georgia Mountains, the Forsyth County organization grew and gained experience as an extension of the Big Brothers Big Sisters agency until 2008. ABOUT MENTORME NORTH GEORGIA In 2008 our founders decided to become an independent agency to better serve the diverse needs of youth in the community, particularly children ages 13-17 which we were unable to do as a BBBS affiliate. The new organization incorporated as a 501(c)3 called Mentor Me – North Georgia, Inc., and since 2008 we have been able to mentor over 1,200 children and youth, over 750 of them through our “Kick it Up” program for teens.

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