Helping Young Baseball Players Succeed

A PASSION FOR HELPING STUDENT ATHLETES There’s only one thing that Juan Mosquea loves more than baseball, and that’s helping Dominican-American high school student athletes succeed. Juan Mosquea is a first generation Dominican American. He moved here 10 years ago to pursue a new life with new opportunities. Growing up, Juan dreamt of playing in the big leagues, and while he never made the show, his passion for baseball persisted. Since Juan arrived in the states, he’s made his living as a personal trainer, and more recently, as a top rated uber driver. But it’s what Juan does in his off-hours that makes him truly special. Almost every morning at 8am, you’ll find Juan at the gym in Lawrence, MA. He’s working out with six high school athletes – star high school baseball players, more specifically. The athletes are all first or second generation Dominican Americans who don't have the means to fully pay their way to college - so a full scholarship is their ultimate goal. Juan works with the kids to help them prepare for college and earn scholarships. Juan isn’t paid for his work with these students. In fact, it’s the opposite. Juan often pays for the kids’ gym memberships, batting cage time, and equipment. Why does he do it? He loves seeing them succeed. Juan’s goal is to work with these student athletes to prepare them for college and allow them to pursue collegiate scholarships. WHAT THEY NEED Juan and his players need help paying for gym memberships, cage time and equipment. Without this funding, Juan won’t be able to continue paying for them. With your donations, you will directly contribute to the ability of these students to obtain scholarships to college. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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