La Cultura Vive

Veronica Robles Cultural Center (VROCC) promotes Latin American art and culture as an engine for stronger communities and economic growth.

VROCC inspires children, youth and their families to learn more about their Cultural Heritage. It helps them to improve their artistic skills and enriches their life in a positive way.

VROCC’s main goal is to engage the Hispanic youth in Boston to increase community involvement and confidence, cultivate discipline and decrease the risk of delinquent behaviors. The center also educates parents on the importance for their children to cultivate appreciation and value their own cultural background.  When children are raised in a different country than their parents, learning and understanding their own culture and their family’s roots, also known as enculturation, can help diminish internal and familial conflicts.

In 2017, VROCC will be moving to the old East Boston Public Library building located on Meridian St. and VROCC is in need of your kind support to continue offering its programs until they move to the new home.  

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Join the movement now! If you prefer send a check payable to VROCC to 175 McClellan Highway, East Boston, MA 02128. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful organization, please visit us at

Thanks in advance for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

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