Trying to get back home to my wife & kids

Hello my name is mark serna i was recently employed but due to the type of work i do its only short term projects. I have been out of work for about 2 months now and its getting closer to christmas and no sign of work due to weather climate change im a profesional painter for industrial companys and there isnt any work in my field at the moment and i have run out of opions this is my last resort i havent given up hope yet i just want to be back home with my wife & kids i sent all the money i made to my wife and kids to establish a place of our own we were homeless for about a year prior living house to house with friends & family but that is one barrier i over came paid a 6 monts in advance of rent & utilites to make it thru the hard times that im faced with please help me out with any amount donation i would greatly appriciate it and my kids and wife would also appriciate it as well and my god bless you all for having human compashion for another soul and sharing your love & faith thank you. God is good and works in mysterious ways and i put all my faith in his hand to guide me by to my family safely. My mission is not complete. Please help me twards reaching my goal in covering my food and traveling expences to get back home to california. I miss my kids very much as they miss me very much as well and need to be joined back in their life agian.

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