Berlin and Manuel Making Movies!

So...What's new with Berlin and Manuel?

We recently entered a film competition at Delaware Valley University... and got into the final round! We are super excited to share with you the short films that made it into finals: The Persecution and My Worst Dream. We ended up getting second place!

In case this is your first time visiting our Fund Latinos page....Who are we???

Hi! We are Berlin and Manuel, two 8th grade students at Esperanza. We have esperanza (hope) to become great actors and filmmakers! We have been making YouTube videos since we were 9 years old. We are so excited to go to a film camp this summer! Please help us raise money for equipment for making our dreams a reality.

Flashback to February, when we were on Telemundo: Click here and see a related article to learn more about what we are up to.

If you really want to... you can check out our YouTube channels! Subscribe to Berlin el Cientifico and El Manifico09!

Follow us on Instagram @BerlinandManuel and on Twitter :)

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