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My name is Mohsin and I'm a 30 years old Boy from the island of Sardinia in Italy. I recently discovered I have Lyme disease after two decades being sick. I spent half of my life in hospitals all over Europe and nobody was able to help me cause they didn't realise I had this disease. I got wrongly diagnosed with all kinds of illnesses and did therapies which put my life at risk. 
Although I was sick I studied and moved to Sweden to work and pursue my career as a singer. I built myself a beautiful life which got ruined when my symptoms became unbearable and I ended up homebound and many times bedridden with countless visits to the ER. I am not able to work and sing anymore and had to move back to my home country to get assisted by my mother. She is unemployed as well as she cannot move from our small village cause she has to take care of me. We are literally bankrupt and I need to see the specialists for my disease who are in the mainland, it takes energy which I don't have and money to travel all the time for both me and my mother who has to come along as I can't travel alone. I am followed by a Lyme literate medical doctor in a hospital in Trieste and I need to see more specialists in other regions because the disease which has remained untreated for so many years has caused other neurological, cardiac, endocrinological and immunological disorders. I also have other coinfections that here in Italy are not so well treated as they are little known so the best solution for me is to see a Lyme doctor in USA where the disease is much more known and studied, so I can maybe have a chance to rebuild my life again. In USA the best doctor is Dr Horowitz, he follows complicated cases like mine and I know he would properly cure my Lyme disease and all the coinfections and syndromes I have developed instead of bouncing to several different doctors here in my home country who are trying to help me the best they can but they don't have the knowledge of the American doctors. 

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