Help Amechi finish School of Engineering.

My name is Amechi Nwose. I am a final year student in Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York. I am studying Computer Engineering. I really need help to pay my school fees. I finished the Fall 2016 with an outstanding bill of $4,500. The money I had for my school was channeled toward my mom's burial. I lost my dad December 2015 and subsequently lost my mom in June 2016, which was barely less than 6-month that I lost my dad. As first son and the one that my family looks on for financial help, I had to foot the bills for the two funerals. I was faced with a serious obstacle during the last semester. In the middle of the semester, I had a fire incident that originated from the top floor of my apartment. I had to move out for a repair to take place and stayed with a friend.

Although I got to Manhattan school of engineering with a scholarship, I lost part of the scholarship in the Spring 2016 because I fell sick during the final examination period. Therefore, I had to pay $4,500 for the Fall 2016. I determined to make up the academic work during the last semester, unfortunately I needed 0.29 to keep my GPA to 3.00. Studying was not my problem then but rather extra hours at work in order to pay my bills. Therefore I could not invest the necessary time in my studies.

Please, I need your help to complete my studies this May.

Thank You!

God bless you!

Amechi Nwose

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