Raising money to free an INNOCENT Man

Hello, my name is jazmaine. I am speaking for myself and my family on behalf of my nephew Julian Gonzalez Jr. As you all know I'm sure, Julian has been arrested for murder and desperatly needs a lawyer. His life is on the line here. My nephew is the most caring,kind hearted, respectful loving person I have ever met. He brings joy and laughter when he walks into a room and if you've ever met him I guarantee he made a lasting impression. So we all know he would not commit this crime. He is not a violent person he is innocent and does not deserve to behide them bars. All funds would be greatly appreciated and will all go towards getting Julian a lawyer to prove he is INNOCENT and get him out from behide those's bars . Our family is no where near the amount needed to hire an attorney which is 20,000. The faster we get the money the quicker we can get a lawyer we will be able to make payments. There are no words to explain how thankful and greatly my family would appreciate your help . Thank you and God Bless You!! The family of Julian Gonzalez!!

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