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Your gift makes our work possible. 

When you give to Inqnika Aula, you are helping kids everywhere in Honduras. More than 10 thousand children receive food, clothing help for better educational grants, school supplies and housings at Inqnika Aula every year in Honduras. Each and every child deserves the chance for brighter future. Your gift will help make that a reality. When you are making a monetary donation, your gift helps make our mission possible: to help and care for every child, there needs are so great Please consider making a gift today.

This is not a for profit organization; we are completing its formation in Honduras first and then it will be completed in The USA 501C3. Many financial donations and gifts that come into Honduras do not go directly to the Miskito people. Our efforts together will get the needs of the Moskito people met and that will beneifit the children of Honduras. 70,000 people are directly impacted. For as little as $1 (US dollar)! Your help can change the life of many.

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