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Three years ago Julian Mora started the business "2 Mexicans" at the age of 22. At the time he had just met the woman who would soon be his wife, and left his family's business where he worked making and delivering pizzas, to pursue something on his own. At first it was discouraging. He found a job working labor for a man who paid him the bare minimum, and worked him to the bone. That is when, after praying, God showed him the way. The way to a career that he would go on to support his new family with. He took the very little money he had and bought some basic tools. At the time he only owned a Yaris..a small compact two door car with a hatchback. Everyone was always amazed at how much he could fit in it. Julian started posting ads on Craigslist and visiting local businesses and homes, he offered them labor service. No job was too small, too times too gross. From cleaning up feces to digging holes in the hot sun, he said yes to it all. Soon after he was making regular clients, and they were happy! He was booked for weeks out. He loved it and decided he wanted to take the business further, to include hauling and junk removal. This meant needing a truck and trailer though. That is when his girlfriend stepped up and believed in him. Spending her savings to start what was soon to become "2 Mexicans Hauling & Project Tackling". Now a 5 star Yelp business, and BBB accredited. At 25 years of age, Julian now holds a state license to do construction debris removal and is contracted by a top construction company on the Central Coast to provide labor and debria removal. He continues to do Residential projects and junk removal as well. Married with 4 children, the business has kept food on their table and a roof over their heads. This last year they took in a 15 year old into their home and Julian's wife's sister who is suffering from a brain tumor and cushings disease. With the new responsibilities, Julian is working 7 days a week for upwards of 16 hours a day to try and save enough money to expand the business. He is hoping to take "2 Mexicans" to cities around the United States, providing laborers the fair pay and stable, respected employment they deserve. No more standing in front of stores in all kinds of weather, hoping someone will hire them for the day! He provides high quality work for customers who rave about him and has become the go to for all their junk removal and project needs. Help Julian to bring "2 Mexicans" to a city near yours! Any donation helps. The goal is one truck, one trailer and two employees in a town every year.

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