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Life can sometimes bring unexpected emergencies. Disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and fires that may cause damage to your home and community. While these emergencies are difficult to prepare for, crowdfunding can be a great way to fund your needs after disaster strikes. Whether you are raising funds for your own disaster relief, or for a friend or family member, here is how you can get your campaign up and running in under two minutes on FundLatios.

Disaster Relief Campaigns

Goal: $10,000

Help Those Affected By The Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

If you're like most Americans, you've been watching the Hurricane Harvey coverage and if you're not directly affected I'm sure you want to help. If you're directly affected by it your lives have just been turned upside down and the problems haven't stopped, please know you are in our prayers. We want to help and that's why we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to give our Small Business Community an opportunity to help those in desperate assistance. Here are some other ways you can start helping now. 1) They'll need money. They just will. Work will be disrupted, insurance will be slow to pay, and probably underpay. They'll need money right away. The economic consequences are rarely considered beyond what the cost will be to rebuild. If you'd like to donate money you can donate to this crowdfunding campaign which we will be donated directly to one of the following non-profits that have been vetted by the Better Business Bureau or you can choose from one on this this list to donate direct: http://www.give.org/ 2) If you are directly being affected: Keep Paying Your Affected Employees. If you have offices or employees in the path of the Hurricane, they won't be working and you won't be open. While no money coming in can make it very difficult to pay employees--especially when they aren't working--do your best to keep paying. If you have an employee that needs to help a family member that is affected by this disaster, please help them and give them the time off. 3) If you're local and your business is okay while others are not, take this idea from Life Hacker and let people use your wifi and power to charge their devices. It may seem like a small thing, but we're an internet dependent society and having the ability to charge your smartphone can really change your day. 4) Make Disaster Relief a Part of Your Company's Mission: This disaster is making headlines, as it well should, but charities help in quiet ways all year round. Instead of just scheduling a fundraiser for Harvey, start an annual fundraiser. There's never going to be a point where there are no more natural disasters, so be pro-active. 5) Shop at WalMart Okay, admittedly this sounds weird, but Walmart has a disaster team and are often first on the scene with needed supplies. Their vast networks of warehouses and trucks allow them to bring things in that other charities just can't match. So, support them as they support the victims. http://www.kristv.com/story/36221051/walmart-announces-at-least-1-toward-hurricane-harvey-relief-and-recovery 6) If you're business is in immediate need of working capital and you are physically or economically affected by this disaster here are 2 resources that are offering small business disaster loans: ExpressBusinessLoans.com Small businesses in the Houston area should be advised that the Disaster Assistance Express Small Business Loan is currently offering funding in 48-72 hours. ExpressBusinessLoans.com will be placing a priority processing applications submitted by small businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/hurricane-harvey-small-business-loans-141700229.html The U.S. Small Business Administration, SBA. is also providing Disaster Loans: https://disasterloan.sba.gov/ela/Lastly, please be proactive and read these tips to help protect your business during a natural disaster.https://www.sba.gov/blogs/disaster-emergency-tips-small-businessesWe hope this helps and please do something to help those less fortunate. Thank your for taking the time to see how you can help.Best,Your Trusted Alternative Lender - Camino Financial Read More

Goal: $500

Car Accident Expenses

My name is Jonathan Escobar, I am now participating in a cultural exchange program as a Spanish teacher in the US. I commute every day from home to school which is 45 minutes away. Friday, January 13th, I had a car accident in which my car was declared a total loss. I live in North Carolina, where having a car is essential due to the limited and deficient public transportation. Thanks God I am alive because the wreck could have been worse.I still have to pay a difference to the lienholder since the insurance only covered the actual cash value. I need to get another car as soon as I can, it is a necessity in the place I live and a down payment will probably be needed. This situation got me financially bad and emotionally affected.I will be very thankful if you support this personal campaign, I promise next time I´ll use Fund Latinos to raise money for social concerns, which I would love to do. God bless you!________________________________________________________Mi nombre es Jonathan Escobar, me encuentro participando de un programa de intercambio cultural y académico en Estados Unidos. Como profesor de Español, me tengo que movilizar diariamente a mi trabajo desde mi casa a mi escuela que queda a 45 minutos. El pasado viernes 13 de Enero estuve involucrado en un fuerte accidente en el que perdí completamente mi carro, en el estado en el que vivo (Carolina del Norte) es esencial tener carro para movilizarse ya que el transporte público acá es muy escaso y deficiente. Gracias a la protección de Dios, salí completamente ileso de este accidente. Mi aseguradora declaró mi carro como pérdida total, teniendo que enfrentar cancelación de parte del crédito que tenía con la financiera, que la aseguradora no alcanza a cubrir. Además de la necesidad de adquirir otro vehículo para poderme movilizar diariamente a mi trabajo, situación que me tiene algo afectado a nivel económico. Lo recaudado será utilizado como un pago inicial para poder adquirir un nuevo vehículo, en un estado en el que tener carro, mas que un lujo, es una gran necesidad. Es una pequeña causa personal la cual agradeceré enormemente, hablando con una amiga de lo difícil que ha sido esta situación me recomendó usar Fund Latinos y con toda seguridad la volveré a usar en otra ocasión para una causa social. Dios los bendiga. Read More

Goal: $30,000

Emotional Healing for the Victims of Earthquake

The Emotional Healing Program the goal is to help to heal the emotional areas of the victims in the earthquake of April 16, 2016 in Ecuador. The Foundation needs the financial help to development this vital objective so we can start working in this program and give support to the families in these cities.The Foundation Arterapia y Sanidad Emocional was born from the terrible earthquake of April 2016 in Ecuador, where their founders get a very big challenge which was to help vulnerable groups at that time, we know that the challenges and commitments that the Foundation faces is giganticThe commitment of the Foundation Arterapia Sanidad is to improve the standard of living of Ecuador's social sectors by collaborating and helping with the rights of children, adolescents, youth, the elderly, disabled people, single mothers, social and community groups that been suffered natural catastrophes and wars, as well as vulnerable and discriminated social groups, linking the role of the family with the protection, care and exercise of rights and duties.This catastrophe has affected emotionally to family groups due to the effects of the earthquake on April 2016 in the Ecuadorian coast. Most families in this sector lost more than one member, and this left emotional wounds that need healing. We understand that the family is the foundation of society, and their emotional healthy also depends on the society health, so the purpose of this program is to heal their emotions and encourage their mood as well as help them out with their emotional state so they can improve their lifestyle.The mission of this program is to provide the guidelines and tools to people so they can have a better lifestyle by healing their emotional area, through art therapy and therapeutic health dynamics, based in forgiveness, love and inner peace. Name of the Program: "Taller de Sanidad Emocional para el Nucleo Familiar" (Emotional Healing Program for the Family Nucleus) will be held in the following cities: Bahía de Caraquez, San Vicente, Canoa, Pedernales, Manta, and Portoviejo.The program will be carried out within 6 months.We are already very grateful for your support and the opportunity you give us to help vulnerable people in these cities.Thanks & God BlessyouEspañol:El Programa de Sanidad Emocional tiene como objetivo ayudar a sanar las áreas emocionales de las víctimas en el terremoto del 16 de abril de 2016 en Ecuador. La Fundación necesita la ayuda financiera para el desarrollo de este vital objetivo para que podamos empezar a trabajar en el programa y apoyar a las familias en estas ciudades.La Fundación Arterapia Sanidad Emocional (sin fines de lucro), nació a partir del terrible terremoto de Abril del 2016 en Ecuador, donde sus fundadores se encontraron con un desafío muy grande el cual era ayudar a los grupos vulnerables en ese momento, sabemos que los desafíos y compromisos a los que se enfrenta la Fundación es gigantesco.El compromiso de la Fundación Arterapia Sanidad es mejorar el nivel de vida de los sectores sociales de Ecuador, colaborando y ayudando con los derechos de los niños, adolescentes, jóvenes, ancianos, discapacitados, madres solteras, grupos sociales y comunitarios que han sufrido catástrofes naturales Y las guerras, así como grupos sociales vulnerables y discriminados, vinculando el papel de la familia con la protección, el cuidado y el ejercicio de los derechos y deberes.Esta catástrofe ha afectado emocionalmente a los grupos familiares debido a los efectos del terremoto de abril de 2016 en la costa ecuatoriana. La mayoría de las familias en este sector perdieron más de un miembro, y esto dejó heridas emocionales que necesitan ser sanadas. Entendemos que la familia es la base de la sociedad, y su salud emocional también depende de la salud de la sociedad, por lo que el propósito de este programa es sanar sus emociones y fomentar su estado de ánimo, así como ayudarles con su estado emocional para que puedan mejorar su estilo de vida.La misión de este programa es proporcionar las guías y herramientas a las personas para que puedan tener un mejor estilo de vida mediante la curación de su área emocional, a través de terapia de arte y la salud terapéutica dinámica, basada en el perdón, el amor y la paz interior.Nombre del Programa:"Taller de Sanidad Emocional para el Núcleo Familiar" se llevará a cabo en las siguientes ciudades: Bahia de Caraquez, San Vicente, Canoa, Pedernales, Manta y Portoviejo.El programa se llevará a cabo en un plazo de 6 meses.Estamos desde ya muy agradecidos por su apoyo y la oportunidad que nos brindan para ayudar a gente vulnerable en estas ciudades.Gracias & Bendiciones.Fundacion Arterapia Sanidad EmocionalNuestro Proposito es servir/OurPurpose is to Serve Read More


Enter Your Details

The details are the foundation of your campaign. Determine how much money you want to raise for your disaster relief campaign and by what date. Leave enough time for people to learn about your cause and to donate, but not so much time that they forget. Come up with a compelling title that is specific to the relief you need and why you need money (you can always go back and edit this later). A good title is actionable and gives visitors an idea of why you are raising money. The title introduces visitors to your campaign so explain why your cause is important and give people a reason to learn more.

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Select Your Video or Images

Compelling visual helps enhance a campaign and can give visitors a better idea of the cause. Videos and images related to the emergency or disaster will give a face to a campaign which will make people feel more connected to your cause.

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Tell Your Story

Write a description that tells potential donors why you are raising money and how you will use the funds. Be honest and genuine about your campaign and why it is important to raise money. The more details you can give visitors about what’s happened to you, your family and your community, the more personal and authentic a campaign becomes. When that happens, people begin to feel connected to a cause and are much more likely to donate.

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Create A WePay Account

WePay is our trusted payment processing provider. They ensure that all donations are processed securely and that you can have immediate access to your funds. Creating a WePay account through FundLatinos takes seconds and makes collecting and receiving money a cinch. When someone wants to donate to your disaster relief campaign, WePay will securely collect your donor’s information, receive the funds and transfer them to your bank account.

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Share Your Campaign

Sharing is the most important part of any successful campaign that supports emergency and disaster relief. Share your campaign on social media and through email to build awareness and tell your story. Make sure you contact all the people in your network who are passionate about or have a special connection to people you are helping. Don’t be nervous about reaching out to family and friends as those nearest to you are going to be your biggest supporters. Encourage your network to donate and share your campaign with their networks. The more you share and provide updates, the more donations you will receive.

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Collect Any Money You Raise

Unlike some crowdfunding sites, FundLatinos doesn’t penalize you if you don’t reach your campaign goal. Collect the money you have raised from WePay at any time during your campaign.

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