Covering Costs of a Quinceañera - Dresses, Crowns, Invitations

Start A Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund the Expenses of a Quinceanera on FundLatinos Today!

A quinceanera is an important ceremony in a girl’s life, marking her passage to adulthood. This milestone celebration has a number of important traditions associated with it. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for a quinceanera and it is easier than you think. Here is how you can get your campaign up and running in under two minutes on FundLatinos:


Enter Your Details

The details are the foundation of your campaign. Determine how much money you want to raise for your quinceanera and by what date. Leave enough time for people to learn about your campaign and donate, but not so much time that they forget. Come up with a compelling title that is specific to you as a quinceanera (you can always go back and edit this later). A good title is actionable and gives visitors an idea of why you are raising money. Explain why you view this tradition as important to you. The title introduces visitors to your campaign so explain why your cause is important and give people a reason to learn more.

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Select Your Video or Images

An outstanding visual helps enhance a campaign and can give visitors a better idea of the cause. Videos and images will give a face to a campaign which will make people feel more connected to your cause. If your parents, grandparents and godparents are an important part of your life and will be an important part of your day, include images/videos of them.

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Tell Your Story

Write a description of the quinceanera traditions that are important to you. Tell potential donors why you are raising money and how you will use the funds. Be honest and genuine about your campaign and why it is important to raise money. The more details you can give visitors about big day, the more personal and authentic a campaign becomes. When that happens, people begin to feel connected to a cause and are much more likely to donate.

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Create A WePay Account

WePay is our trusted payment processing provider. They ensure that all donations are processed securely and that you can have immediate access to your funds. Creating a WePay account through FundLatinos takes seconds and makes collecting and receiving money a cinch. When someone wants to donate to your quinceanera campaign, WePay will securely collect your donor’s information, receive the funds and transfer them to your bank account.

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Share Your Campaign

Sharing is the most important part of any successful quinceanera campaign. Share your campaign on social media and through email to build awareness and tell your story. Make sure you contact all the people in your network who are passionate about or have a special connection to your quinceanera. Don’t be nervous about reaching out to your extended family and friends as those nearest to you are going to be your biggest supporters. Include people who may be far away from you geographically, but connect to your desire to embrace all of the traditions of the quinceanera. Encourage your network to donate and share your quinceanera campaign with their networks. Make sure you tell people that even if they are unable to donate, you would appreciate a “share”. The more you share and provide updates about your new business campaign, the more donations you will receive.

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Collect Any Money You Raise

Unlike some crowdfunding sites, FundLatinos doesn’t penalize you if you don’t reach your campaign goal. Collect the money you have raised from WePay at any time during your campaign.

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