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Crowdfunding is a great way to raise money for a youth sports league and it is easier than you think. Here is how you can get your campaign up and running in under two minutes on FundLatinos:

Sports Campaigns

Goal: $400

Topazio's dance class

This class is for kids who live to dance but don't have the money to pay for a professional dance class. I am so proud of all my dancers . I live to watch these dancers improve everyday ! We do fund raisers to make our money that we need for costumes and so we can compete against other dance classes . Help us reach our goal ! These dancers deserve every penny we can get. Every penny counts! Thank you so much. Read More

Goal: $500

Help me reach my dream of playing College Baseball

Hi, I am a Kid from Salinas and life is tough not living in a big city. I don't get the same support for recruitment for colleges. The truth is that they cost lots of money. My single mother is working three jobs just to pay for my brothers college tuition but I don't want her to Suffer with me, so I am asking for a generous donation so I can get recruitment programs and play college baseball and hopefully someday I can appear on your TV screen playing in the big leagues. Read More

Goal: $1,500

Help at Risk Youth

The money is to go toward uniforms for my players that have family that cannot afford such costs. Our goal is to reachout in the community and work with juveniles, children hospital, kids in oled in c.p.s . I feel strongly our games will provide great entertainment for families as well as the youth. ---------------MY STORY from the FundLatinos BlogDeron Johnson has turned his passion for basketball into a passion for molding young athletes. As manager for a CBL basketball team, part of a national semi-professional exposure league, Deron helps young men between the ages of 18-25 develop their own interest and skills in basketball. He has built his “Tucson Terrors” team from a diverse group of at-risk athletes who might not otherwise have a chance to play. “My team is a little different,” said Deron of his eclectic team members. “I work with outreach programs, juvenile departments, and the local reservations to build support and find players.” For many of Deron’s players, the Tucson-based team is a way to get involved in something positive: “If we can get them focused, we can help mold the kids mentally and physically. It helps them work as a team, whether they use that to get a better job or develop a better relationship with their parents.” It is more than just a basketball team—it is a chance to succeed. As an exposure league, the young men have the chance to be seen by recruiters for schools or junior colleges. “If these athletes are not pursuing education, this opportunity gives them the chance to pursue or think about it. It’s a good motivation,” said Deron of the program. Additionally, should the team win, the players get to split a $30,000 bonus. After playing basketball in high school and at the University of Arizona, Deron went on to play professionally overseas. Over six years, he played in France, Belgium, and Taiwan. As an accomplished player, Deron has turned his efforts to coaching. His coaching experience is varied, but this was the first professional level coaching opportunity he’d come across. As manager of the Tucson Terrors, Deron is responsible for ensuring that his players can compete. The team practices about four times a week, with twelve games total throughout the season. Half of those games are away games, which require traveling and all the associated costs. In addition, players must pay a team membership fee and purchase uniforms. Deron has already taken pay cuts so that the team members could pay less. “One of my main goals is to buy the team, because it pays my team’s membership for three years,” says Deron. “That way, if I have a kid who can’t afford this, I can just put him on my team.”This is where the FundLatinos community comes in. Deron hopes to raise funds for his team, many of whom are Latino young men, to help them with costs they can’t afford. Any funds collected will go toward purchasing uniforms and shoes, paying membership fees, and covering travel costs. In supporting Deron’s efforts, we can help provide these young men with so much more than the opportunity to play basketball. For these young men, it is a chance to fulfill their dreams by becoming a part of something that will open doors to a successful future. Read More


Enter Your Details

The details are the foundation of your campaign. Determine how much money you want to raise for your youth sports program and by what date. Leave enough time for people to learn about your campaign and donate, but not so much time that they forget. Come up with a compelling title that is specific to youth sports and the kids you are supporting (you can always go back and edit this later). A good title is actionable and gives visitors an idea of why you are raising money. The title introduces visitors to your campaign so explain why your cause is important and give people a reason to learn more.

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Select Your Video or Images

An outstanding visual helps enhance a campaign and can give visitors a better idea of the cause. Videos and images of the athletes or teams will give a face to a campaign which will make people feel more connected to your cause.

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Tell Your Story

Write a description for your youth sports program or league that tells potential donors why you are raising money and how you will use the funds. Be honest and genuine about your campaign and why it is important to raise money. The more details you can give visitors about the athletes or team members, the more personal and authentic a campaign becomes. When that happens, people begin to feel connected to a cause and are much more likely to donate.

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Create A WePay Account

WePay is our trusted payment processing provider. They ensure that all donations are processed securely and that you can have immediate access to your funds. Creating a WePay account through FundLatinos takes seconds and makes collecting and receiving money a cinch. When someone wants to donate to your youth sports campaign, WePay will securely collect your donor’s information, receive the funds and transfer them to your bank account.

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Share Your Campaign

Sharing is the most important part of any successful youth sports campaign. Share your campaign on social media and through email to build awareness and tell your story. Make sure you contact all the people in your network who are passionate about or have a special connection to youth sports. Don’t be nervous about reaching out to family and friends as those nearest to you are going to be your biggest supporters. Encourage your network to donate and share your campaign with their networks. The more you share and provide updates about your youth sports campaign, the more donations you will receive.

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Collect Any Money You Raise

Unlike some crowdfunding sites, FundLatinos doesn’t penalize you if you don’t reach your campaign goal. Collect the money you have raised from WePay at any time during your campaign.

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