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Whether it’s a vacation, a visit to family in your home country, or a study abroad semester - affording the costs of travel can be a challenge. Crowdfunding has helped many people raise money to aid in travel costs. Here is how you can get your travel campaign up and running in under two minutes on FundLatinos.

Travel Campaigns

Goal: $3,000

Joan's Birthday trip to New York

Hello hello my name is Joan Cain my birthday is March 6th 1976 and I will be 41 years old and I'm planning a trip with my mother she and I need help paying the hotel fee and the Plainfield and then expenses so I need your help guys Facebook Snapchat hashtag Etc to pitch and helping me out with this gift I'm going to be staying down there March 3rd 4th 5th the six and coming back on the 7th so I'm going to be down there four days please help me please Read More

Goal: $1,000

Reunite with my son after 8 years

Welcome to my campaign Who would benefit from this campaign my son Xavier. He lives in Arizona with his mother and his brothers and sisters. I haven’t seen my son since he was 9 months old. But I took care of the family until we broke up. I was so broken hearted and at that time I couldn’t find work. So my old job in California decided to take me back with a higher salary. I couldn’t miss that opportunity because I had a son to take care of so I moved back to California. But every weekend I was flying out there to visit my son Xavier. I was not going to be a dead beat father like my father. My grandmother raised me up and my Godfather Alan Dean Foster the sci-fi writer was the only father figure I had and he did a great job. Xavier is 9yrs old he just turn 9yrs old on January 21st I didn’t see him because the mom and I stop talking for a very long time until now. Why we stop talking because she just stop calling me and when she did call it was always a block number. All of sudden she contact me though email asking me for my cell number telling me Xavier want to talk with me. So all day I waited but no phone call. So once again I contact her why didn’t Xavier call me she wrote me back saying he will once again I look like a idiot waiting but no phone call. Since then I know my next move is just have her sermons to go to family court for visiting rights. That’s when I decided to make a GoFundMe campaign because I can’t afford it at the moment are my family. Let me explain I’m the manager of a sober living home. I don’t make much but I love my job I give back to the clients by sharing my story of recovery. So I’m asking please reunite me and my son I miss so much time with him I don’t want to miss another chance with him. But I have a big heart I’m not trying to take him from his mom but one thing for sure I won’t be no door mat. I have rights to as his father I want to be friends with the mom. How soon funds are needed I have a week from today give me enough time to buy the plane ticket and pay the court fees for visiting rights. If I don’t do it in a timely matter I can really lose him for good. What support means to me Please share my campaign that will really help and donations I have been carrying this load alone for such a long time and your support means a lot to me. Xavier been without me for over 8 years. I’m so thrilled with the idea of being reunited in person with my son. Read More

Goal: $40,000

Walter Berrios Knives of collection

Soy Walter Berrios Reyes ,policia retirado miembro activo de la IPA (International Police Association) cultivo el arte de hacer cuchillos de coleccion originales y deseo poner un taller en Houston TX para seguir creando y viajar para participar exhibiendo mis diseños en eventos internacionales (Bladeshows) . I am Walter Berrios Reyes a creator of new forms of knives of collection, if I have the opportunity of being help I implement my workshop in Texas, and make other new knives  to exhibit them in international events. is my original art . Read More


Enter Your Details

The details are the foundation of your campaign. Determine how much money you want to raise for your travel campaign and by what date. Leave enough time for people to learn about your trip and to donate, but not so much time that they forget. Come up with a compelling title that is specific to the trip you plan to take, and why you need money (you can always go back and edit this later). A good title is actionable and gives visitors an idea of why you are raising money. The title introduces visitors to your campaign so explain why your cause is important and give people a reason to learn more.

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Select Your Video or Images

Compelling visual helps enhance a campaign and can give visitors a better idea of the cause. Videos and images related to your planned travel will give a face to a campaign which will make people feel more connected to your cause.

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Tell Your Story

Write a description that tells potential donors why you are raising money to travel and how you will use the funds. Be honest and genuine about your campaign and why it is important to raise money. The more details you can give visitors about your trip, the more personal and authentic a campaign becomes. When that happens, people begin to feel connected to a cause and are much more likely to donate.

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Create A WePay Account

WePay is our trusted payment processing provider. They ensure that all donations are processed securely and that you can have immediate access to your funds. Creating a WePay account through FundLatinos takes seconds and makes collecting and receiving money a cinch. When someone wants to donate to your travel campaign, WePay will securely collect your donor’s information, receive the funds and transfer them to your bank account.

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Share Your Campaign

Sharing is the most important part of any successful campaign that supports travel expenses. Share your campaign on social media and through email to build awareness and tell your story. Make sure you contact all the people in your network who are passionate about or have a special connection to people you are helping. Don’t be nervous about reaching out to family and friends as those nearest to you are going to be your biggest supporters. Encourage your network to donate and share your campaign with their networks. The more you share and provide updates, the more donations you will receive.

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Collect Any Money You Raise

Unlike some crowdfunding sites, FundLatinos doesn’t penalize you if you don’t reach your campaign goal. Collect the money you have raised from WePay at any time during your campaign.

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